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My code is available here:

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The downloads listed below are just for historical interest.

Kernel Sources

As of kernel 2.6.0 back in 2003 I started patching my kernel with small buxfixes. After some time I started adding new features to kernel, actually I maintain a complete kernel patchset that includes the following:

  • vmsplit - allow more than 900MB lowmem
  • Tuxonice - Software Suspend
  • btrfs - a Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem
  • bootlogo - My own bootlogo, the little worm
  • keymap - German keyboad layout
  • patches - Make applied patches accessible via proc filesystem

Additionally I apply a number of bugfixes.

New releases are announced on the mailing list. Problems can been dicussed there as well.

Download: eworm-2.6.25.bz2 (212 kB, PGP-Signature)



I created a web based data base for CDs using Perl and MySQL. More information coming soon.


While playing with Povray I created a mythic scene. You can use it as wallpaper, look at this:

Glaskugel 1 Glaskugel 2 Glaskugel 3 Glaskugel 4

The archive contains the images with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels and the povray files.

Download: glaskugel.tar.bz2 (5 MB, PGP-Signature)


Just for fun I tried out what happens if I compress one terrabyte (1.099.511.627.776 Byte) of data. The result was a file with 238 byte...

Download: TB.bz2.bz2 (238 B, PGP-Signature)