In my early childhood I was preloaded with model construction as it was my father's hobby. I had a truck and a racing car. At that time I already was interested in helicopters. But I was not in touch with model construction for some years.

Years later I got contact to model construction again. I visited a good friend, Michael, who I know from my other hobby, Linux. To my surprise there was a package with a Robbe Moskito in it. I decided to that in mind.

Logo 10

Some time later Michael bought a little electric powered helicopter. He crashed it when I first watched him flying it...

When I visited Michael again a week later he just surfed the manufacturer's website, ordering replacements for the broken parts. I got my first heli with the sentence "Order one for me, too. This way we have to pay shipping only once.".

That was in may 2003. After some month of training I could hover my little heli. In September I bought a Mikado Logo 10. That was when fun really started.

Then Michael and I joined the Bottroper model flight association (view satellite photo of the flight area). Since then we can be found on there at the weekends very often.

Logo 10

In addition to my Logo 10 I now have a Sparrow from Spatz Modellbau.

On the website Heli Oberhausen you can read a lot more about the nice hobby radiocontrolled models.